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Top employee insights research methods to improve your culture

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February 25, 2023


Company culture is the phrase on the lips of almost every company leader or HR professional these days. But it wasn’t always this way! 

‍In the past, excellent company culture was often considered a nice-to-have (we know, shocking) rather than a critical component of higher employee retention and positive business outcomes.

‍But (thankfully) all that has changed. 

‍In recent years, a seismic shift in thinking has made culture and employee experience a top priority for many businesses because they now recognise that a strong culture leads to higher employee engagement, less turnover, happier customers, and, ultimately, more profit.

‍And the best way to boost employee engagement and ensure a healthy culture? Listening to your employees! It sounds simple, but improving employee engagement is all about getting them involved.

‍In this guide to gathering employee insights, you’ll learn about the importance of participatory decision-making for modern businesses and the best ways to gain actionable insights from employees to inform those decisions. 

Let’s get into it!

Why getting employees involved is vital for a healthy culture

In 2019, a survey by Glassdoor found that 89% of employees would prefer a job with a good company culture over a higher salary. But how do you shape a healthy, positive, and inviting culture to improve employee engagement?

‍It’s about replacing traditional autocratic leadership (where the leader makes decisions unilaterally without engaging employees and expect them to follow orders without input) with participatory leadership. 

What is participatory leadership, you ask?

Participatory leadership is (you guessed it!) involving employees in the decision-making process. It’s about giving employees a voice to shape the company culture, future-proof the viability of your business, and improve employee satisfaction. 

The benefits of participatory leadership

When employees feel like they have a say in your company’s direction, mission, and more, they’re far more likely to be engaged, motivated, and committed to your organisation’s success.

‍Participatory leadership allows for a wider range of perspectives and ideas, leading to more innovative solutions, improved employee well-being, increased employee satisfaction, more inclusivity, and better business performance.

‍However, participatory leadership is easier said than done, and it can be challenging to encourage middle management or, indeed, leaders themselves to take this route because gathering employee insights from large teams can be a pain.

Popular methods to gather employee insights

According to a study by Aon Hewitt, companies with high levels of employee engagement outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share.

‍Businesses hungry for this level of success often use the below methods to engage employees for feedback, but these methods have their cons. 

  • Employee surveys: Regular employee surveys can provide valuable feedback, but they often receive low engagement rates and don’t allow for nuance.

  • Team meetings: Conducting a feedback meeting can sometimes feel like a waste of time, as employees are afraid to be honest, or loud voices dominate the conversation.

  • 1:1 interviews: While 1:1 interviews are a great way to understand your employees’ perspectives deeply, they can be a serious time suck, making them expensive to perform.

Using technology to support insight gathering

While the above methods have their place, many HR leaders and business owners are taking advantage of innovative technology to speed up the data-gathering process. 

‍Tools like employee engagement software, HR analytics platforms, and feedback management systems provide an efficient and effective way to gather and analyse employee feedback.

‍But what if there was a tool that could help you to gather insights from thousands of employees across the globe and even extract a consensus on a particular issue - in just one hour?! 

‍Well, um, there is! Ta-daaaah! 

‍It’s called PSi - the world’s first and only voice-based employee insights app! 

Using PSi for generating rich employee insights

Without proper input from a wide range of voices across your organisation on things like a company-wide wellness initiative or significant process change, it’s harder to know that your decisions will benefit employee engagement and company culture. 

‍PSi relieves you from the challenges of gaining employee insights by making it easier than ever to share anonymous detailed qualitative feedback and make decisions that improve employee engagement, reduce employee turnover, and improve employee wellbeing.

Pretty amazing, right? Here’s how PSi works:

  1. Schedule your conversation

  2. Invite employees to join it

  3. PSi creates smaller discussion groups

  4. View a dashboard of real-time insights

  5. Get a consensus in under one hour!

How PSi can benefit your organisation

  • Ensure change adoption: Having employee input on big decisions can reduce resistance to change and increase adoption.

  • Increase employee engagement: Team members feel valued when their voices are heard and used to shape a better culture, creating engaged employees across your company.

  • Enhance remote team collaboration: Have employees across the globe? PSi facilitates better collaboration on decisions that affect everybody.

  • Remove data guesswork: PSi eliminates overwhelming data interpretation and stressful logistics for employee insight gathering.

  • Make smarter decisions: Using the collective intelligence of your entire workforce, you’ll be able to make more confident, informed decisions for the company.

Disrupt employee engagement through the power of PSi today!

As we hope you’ve learned today, you’re much more likely to develop an engaged workforce and healthy company culture when you involve employees in important decisions. 

‍Whether you need help validating big decisions in your business, developing a clear vision, incentivising change, or aligning goals, PSi can help you gain the knowledge, perspectives, and insights of your entire workforce in less than an hour. 

‍PSi’s natural language processing and unique algorithm interprets employee feedback data for you, so you can spend less time conducting surveys to improve employee engagement and more time making impactful decisions. 

‍This is your GDPR-compliant answer to authentic, scalable, and actionable insights. Our easy-to-use platform allows you to ask thousands of employees a question and receive a consensus in just one hour! 

‍Want to learn more? Play our choose-your-own adventure-style collective intelligence game to see PSi in action! ‍ Ready for your adventure?

Play our game now!

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